Class of 1973 Catalina High School Catalina High School
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Classmate Roster (A-B)


Blue highlight = 2018 contact info is up to date
Yellow highlight = Have info, Not confirmed
No highlight = need updated information
Black with white text - Deceased Classmates
If you are "not" listed as "found" on this roster, please fill out the 
Classmate Update Form
Last Name at Catalina First Name Married Name
Abendano Gabriel
Abril Tina Heilbron
Adams James
Afseth Cheryl Peters
Aguilar Abe
Ahrens Angela  
Allen Paul
Anderson Anne Scheffer
Anderson Carl
Anderson Cheryll Clark
Anderson Wendy Lesuer
Arana Louie
Armstrong Cheryl Bard
Armstrong Dale
Arnold Dick
Artz Brian
Atencio Yolanda
Ausburn Mary Jane St. Clair
Avramis Tom  
Backes Michael
Baker Bonnie
Baker Howard
Baker Joanna Tucker
Balasz Cecilia
Bales Jolie  
Bambauer Paul
Bannard David  
Barber Rob  
Barbuscia Andrew
Barker Jeff
Barnes Donald
Barnes Ronald
Barr Joseph
Barr Lawrence  
Barrios Arthur
Barrios Sandy Smith
Barry Sandy Eaton
Bassarear Liz
Bates Theresa Braford
Bauer Rhonda (Ronnie)  
Beaver Earl
Beckett David
Begley Pamela Horch
Beiner Gerald  
Bennink Allen  
Berg Kim
Bevans Cathy  
Billadeau Mari Beth Roland
Bishop Nancy
Bizek Sue
Black Kathy
Black Trey  
Blackburn Ronnie
Blacksberg Leslie
Boatwright Kathleen Villasenor
Bock Bonnie Nitka
Bogen Norman  
Bogue Patsy Dickens
Bohn Mark  
Booth Mark
Bosquez Mary McDougall
Bostick Connie Bayes
Bostick Marcy Lemas
Botham Debbie  
Bowen Steve  
Bowser Amy
Brandt Anne Hoskinson
Brandt Maureen
Brault Lisa Midyett
Brewer Cheryl  
Brewer Christopher  
Brooks Patricia  
Brookshier Gary
Brorsen Andrea Passow
Brown Hugh  
Brown Julie Butterbrodt
Brown Robin Haeger
Brown Stanley  
Brundage Kathleen  
Bruno Paula Zidel
Bryant Mary Leon
Buck Donald  
Budinger Beverly Perkins
Buehl William  
Burr Janet  
Burros David  
Bushman David
Butera Nick  
Butryn Stanley
Butterbrodt Paul  

If you are "not" listed as "found" on the roster, please fill out the 
Classmate Update Form
(Found Classmate are highlighted)

You can also fill out the update form for a classmate if you have their contact information.



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